L2Aqua Interface

In this topic we will cover most of the features and functionality ( hidden and not ) of the interface

How to Enable/Disable basic features

  • Click the little hammer which is located on your shortcut bar
  • The Option Window will pop up at the top middle of your lineage 2 window, from here you can control the basic interface features.

Enemies Cast Window & Target Only

  • It shows up nearby casted skills excludes your own skills
  • If Target Only is enabled it will only show up the skills of your current Target
    The window is located below the Target Window

Cancel Window

  • This Window will display the recently canceled buffs for few seconds
    It is located few pixels above the top part of your screen

On Screen Damage

  • Displays outgoing damage, energy increase, self heal, resisted debuffs

On Target Damage

Enemies Timer Window, Hide Clan Buff Timer & Hide Ally Buff Timer

  • Displays all the important buffs casted around, their time remaining, casters name and his clan and ally crest
  • If Hide Clan Buff Timer is enabled it ignores the skill if the caster is from the same clan
  • If Hide Ally Buff Timer is enabled it ignores the skill if the caster is from the same ally
  • If you want to move the window, click the little hammer attached on it, and move it by clicking the frame that will show up

Visualize Incoming Debuff

Hide/Show Auto Pots

  • Right click a potion action to Activate or De-Activate it
  • If something doesn’t work on your auto-pots and you don’t have time to restart click the button right next to the potion and it will fix your problem

Action Window

  • Action Window gives you fast access to the basic Services of the server: Teleport, Buffs, Shop, Store, Events and Drops
  • If you wish to hide the window, click the minimize button on the minimap

On Target Debuff

  • Displays the debuffs of the targeted player

Auto Skill Enchant

  • Once you’ve decided the settings of the skill enchant ( Skill/ Route / Blessed ) click the Auto Skill Enchant button and it will automatically enchant your skill to the maximum or until you stop it


  • Retuxtured
  • Displays the enchant and amount of Items
  • Search bar


Auto Shots

  • Right click a shot to permanently enable or disable it
    • Client will save your shot settings and it will load them everytime you you join the game
  • Left click a SPIRIT shot and chose between Blessed and Normal.
  • Auto shots are located under the top right corner of your shortcut bar

Multisell Window

Store, Private store and Warehouse Window

  • Right Clicking an item moves the whole amount of an item ( the same mechanic as ALT+DRAG )
  • Bigger size

Trade Window

  • Amount and Enchant of items display on items so you can be more aware of scams

Party Window

  • Displays the Level
  • Every class have a unique Class Icon
  • Party Leaders have an extra button, you can fast dismiss or change party leader with it

Shift Click Items

  • Now it displays the whole information of the Item

Right click Option Window

  • You can open this window by right clicking your Status Wnd, Target Window, Chat Message or Pet Status Bar

  • StatusRight

  • TargetRight

  • petright

  • MobRight

  • chatright

Inventory Macros

  • Some are some special kind of macros, with minimum lag and delay.
    We highly recommend you to use this ones instead of normal macros.
  • Additionally Inventory macros contain special commands that will help you improve your gameplay
    • /removeicons
      • removes FI/SOS/AI/Zealot
    • /remove1bers
      • Removes 1 of your Berserkers ( prioritizes Berserker Spirit over dance )
    • /remove2bers
      • Removes both of your Berserkers
    • /removeud
      • Removes Ultimate Defense and Vengeance
    • /removecele
      • Removes Celestial Shield and Certification - Barrier

4rth+ Bar, Inventory macro and Target Removal Bind

  • Open Option.ini inside your Lineage 2 System folder ( preferably with notepad++ )
  • Target Cancel on custom key
    • [TargetCancel]
      • example :
  • Shortcut on 4rth+ Bar
    • [HiddenShortcuts]
      • Example for the Bar 4 shortcut 1 and Bar 5 shortcut 12 ( you can skip the mod if you don’t need it look at the 5_12 example )
        • [HiddenShortcuts]
  • Inventory Macros
    • [InventoryMacros]
      NUM-1_mod1=ALT or Ctrl
      • Example ( inventory macros start from 0, for that reason we do KEY-1, for example if you want to bind the first inventory macro, you’ll have to do 0 = KEY etc )