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Hi. I know it’s not the right place to. But i suggest to Aeron developers to change also the basic farm zones, since they’re seen from years and years, and they are getting a bit boring to see, maybe a bit tighter map system that conveys more players into smaller zones. I would change maps and mob models. But anyway i hope that the new farm zone (that seems to be hard / or pt requiring) will be fun. Also i would add some casual world boss event spawning in the farm zones with huge models, (some kind of raid “lowrate style”) with random locations hided, or with a marker that shows the position that changes every time in the world map, that might drop donate coins or something really really unique maybe once a week or so, that would create a lot of movement and raise the competition, pvp between many clans, even the “top” ones and also the rest of the players. These are just few ideas, i hope they will be taken in consideration or as inspiration for other “creations”.

Thank you for the feedback!

We tried to change the basics of Aeron quite a lot of times, unfortunately it never worked.
Aerons basics features will remain the same, but we do small changes on the said features.
For example the drops, respawn time, stats of the mobs are changed, but the farmzone is the old one peoples love.

Thank you again!

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I see. Unfortunately you are right. From what i could see in like 95-97% of the pvp servers, it’s really hard to recreate what Aeron used to be, and, more importantly, with the same server population. So i can clearly understand ur “pov”.